About Us

Kevin Murphy, Jeff Landen, and Mike Jones have decades of experience in larger law firms working on complex and other high-stakes cases.  We have developed the skills to investigate, analyze, and develop claims that lawyers at small firms often don't have.  We have been, and continue to be, matched up against some of the largest and most aggressive law firms in the country.  As a result, we know the games that they play and are in a better position to protect our clients from the 'process' of litigation. 

We created our firm to have the flexibility to bring cases that “big law” firms can't or won't bring because of real or perceived conflicts with their clients and friends.  Because we are not under the thumb of large institutions, we are able to litigate high stakes cases against high profile targets.  

Our team has a distinctive ability to see what others do not.  We welcome the opportunity to advance the rights of those who might otherwise be told that their cases are too difficult or that their opponents are so affluent or powerful that they operate above the law. 


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