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We are a law firm built on successful results, providing a better alternative to large law firms.  With one exception, our attorneys began their careers at large law firms, and thus know the problems with the consequences of growth:  conflicts of interest, duplication of effort, and a lack of aggression. We have handled many complex jury trials, and have obtained many successful settlements and jury verdicts.  We welcome the opportunity to represent those who might have been told by other attorneys that their cases are too difficult or that the opponent is too powerful to challenge.


Our philosophy is to run the case as if we were the client.  Thus, we make staffing and expenditure decisions with that in mind.  No matter whether our clients or our firm are taking the risk, we will maximize resources and litigate efficiently.


We have prosecuted and defended a wide variety of situations, including fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, business torts, bad faith insurance, and personal injury, to name a few.  Although the claims may vary, our extensive corporate and trial experience and proven track record has allowed us to represent clients in both state and federal courts.

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