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Educational laws are designed to protect students and their rights. 

At Murphy Landen Jones, that is precisely what we do.  Our attorneys have successfully represented students at both the high school and collegiate levels. 

One area of particular focus is Title IX. 

Title IX prohibits recipients of federal funding from discriminating or otherwise denying someone the right to participate in an educational program or activity on the basis of sex.Title IX issues frequently arise as a result of sexual assaults. Our attorneys are well versed in this ever changing area of law, and when an unfortunate circumstance arises, our attorneys are ready to represent victims of assault and those falsely accused.

We also offer guidance to schools and universities regarding educational laws,

such as Title IX, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and the Clery Act. 

Our attorneys can help schools and universities protect the rights of their students,

follow the appropriate procedures, and avoid costly fines and litigation.

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